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You’ll find everything you need to know about massage services in Singapore, on this website. We have many different types of massage therapies listed, and we also have useful guides on how you can improve your physical and mental well-being with massage.

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What is Massage

Stressed Singaporeans and Massage Therapy

The Benefits Of Massage

Massage Service Providers In Singapore

Accredited Massage Service Providers

Getting a Proper Massage Service

What Is Massage?

Massage is a form of therapy used to relax and improve the health of the receiver, this is mainly done with kneading. In a massage, the muscles and connective tissue of the receiver are manipulated with pressure. The therapist will usually use his/her hands and fingers, but he/she might also use the elbows, forearm, knees, and even feet.

asian girl receiving thai massage service

The origins of massage can be traced back to many different cultures. In Arab countries, the people call massage ‘massa’, which means to touch, feel, or handle. In France, the word massage means ‘friction of kneading’. In Greece, massage translates into massō, and it means to knead dough, to work with ones hands, to handle and touch.

Learn more about massage here.

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Stressed Singaporeans and Massage Therapy

Singapore is a stressful place to live in, irregardless of whether you’re a working adult, student, or senior citizen. In a recent survey done among 2,281 local working professionals (in late 2012), 83.3% of them stated that work stress has increased. Similarly, local students face a lot of stress in school, as many concerned parents have noted.

A high level of stress can affect both your body and your mind in a negative way, some common illness resulting from stress include – high blood pressure, depression, panic attacks, and many undesirable conditions.

Our modern lifestyle also puts physical stress on our body. At work, we spend the majority of day sitting down, hunch in front of a computer. In school, students are slouched over their desk, listening to lectures or doing assignments.

All these factors can really take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. Your body is like a machine, and like every machine, you’ll need to do maintenance and repair for it. This is where massage therapy comes in!

The Benefits Of Massage

Getting a good massage can help to relax and re-energise your mind, body and spirit, after a long week. In a report published by The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, researchers reported that massage therapy significantly alleviates symptoms of depression in the patient.

In general, you can expect the following physical and mental benefits from a massage:

  • Easing of pain in your body, particularly in your muscles and joints
  • Improving your sleep and reducing insomnia, by increasing delta waves in your brain
  • Improving your immune system, by increasing your white blood cells
  • Easing the symptoms of PMS – pain, mood swings, and water retention
  • Alleviating headaches and migraines, decreasing the number and intensity of the ailment
  • Lowering your blood pressure and reducing hypertension, by stimulating the vagus nerve
  • Helping you to recover from injuries faster – sports injuries, sprains, swelling etc.

These are just several of the many different benefits brought about by massage.

Massage Service Providers In Singapore

Massage therapy is offered in spas and massage boutiques all around Singapore. You’d be able to find almost any kind of massage that you desire, from the popular Thai massage, to the herbal and medicinal Ayurvedic massage (also known as Indian massage), to massages for mothers – prenatal massage and post natal massage.

woman receiving prenatal massage

The rates of the services can vary significantly, they might start at an affordable price of $30 for a 30 minute massage, and can go over $1,000 for bigger packages. The price of the massage is usually dependent on the type of massage place you go to (whether is a luxurious spa in the city, or a neighbourhood boutique), and the type of massage you’re having (specialised massages like sports massage might cost more than an ordinary body massage).

Accredited Massage Service Providers

With a large variety of massage places to choose from, it’s important that you select a spa or boutique that fits your need. It’s also important to choose a place where the service providers put the customer’s massage experience first.

asian lady getting a back massage

This is because a significant number of spas and massage boutiques (even the high-end ones) will try to upsell their customers more services and packages, and some of these sales efforts might involve hard-selling. The customers might feel pressured and stressed if service providers are not careful with their approach, and in the end, the customer’s massage experience might turn into a negative one.

The Consumers Association of Singapore has put in place a ‘Spa Protection Scheme’ to protect customers from these kinds of situations.

case trust accreditation

Service providers who are given a CaseTrust accreditation, will be bound by the following terms and conditions:

1) Insurance Coverage for Pre-paid Packages
If you’ve signed up for pre-paid packages, the value of your un-utilised sessions will be insured. This means that if the spa or boutique closes down, you will be able to get back your money.

2) 5-day Cooling-Off Period
You’re given at least 5 working days to decide if you’d like to keep your newly signed package, or get a full refund for it.

3) Stress-Free Treatment
No selling efforts are allowed once you enter the treatment room.

4) Clear Fee Policies
The policies are clearly presented and documented, so that you are fully aware of the terms and condition, before making a purchase.

5) Well-Defined Business Practices and Systems
The spa or boutique has a proper system in place, to resolve dispute between the business and its customers.

6) Well-Trained Personnel
The staff are well-trained, they do not behave unethically, and they provide good customer service.

Getting a Proper Massage Service

Massage involves direct body contact between the therapist and the customers. Many prostitution businesses capitalize on this intimate nature of massage, to entice men and offer them sexual services. In Singapore, there are a significant number of brothels and prostitution rings masquerading as massage parlours and ‘health centres’.

illegal massage parlour
Image Credits: Andhrabuzz.com

A discerning customer would normally be able to tell apart the ‘dirty’ places from the ‘clean’ ones. These ‘dirty’ massage places usually do not offer real massage, and male customers patronise them for manhood massage or a ‘happy ending’.

Patronising a CaseTrust accredited spa or boutique is one way of guaranteeing a ‘clean’ massage experience. However, there are many good and proper massage places that are not accredited. Some of these proper massage boutiques are also located in seedy parts of Singapore, alongside the brothels and ‘dirty’ KTVs.

When in doubt, ask the receptionist or therapists if they offer real and authentic services. Be firm in your enquiry, and make it known to them that you’re only strictly looking for genuine massage, and nothing else. This will usually be more than enough to deter any fake massage therapist from offering you services.


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